Who we are

Eco Avengers is an exciting, brand new and fun in-school education program designed to teach the next generation about sustainability and the best ways to protect our planet.
Our mascot, Avenger Alex and his team of Eco Avengers, will lead your students along the sustainability path to ensure our planet continues to thrive from the oceans to the forests.
The program's mission is to engage, educate and enlist a team of Eco Avengers that will become everyday heroes and help save Earth.

Who we support

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is an Australian, independent non-profit children's charity whose goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and their families and encourage them to participate more fully in society, using education as a key.

Eco Avengers will donate a gold coin per child booked into Session 1 of our program to the Smith Family.


Suez is committed to shaping a sustainable environment now. Everyday, they help our communities move towards new models which consume fewer resources.
Suez supports its customers as they change from a linear model, which over consumes resources, to a circular model, aiming to recycle and recover them for future use.

Logo of Suez environmental waste company

What we do

We engage, educate and enlist a team of Eco Avengers that will become everyday heroes and help protect and save our Earth.

We target school aged children as the change-makers. Due to their natural curiosity and desire for environmental peace, they have the ability to spark sustainable living conversations within their households, leading to environmental change.

SESSION 1 - What Is Waste?

Prep - 2
- Identifying Waste
- 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Grade 3 & 4
- Differentiating Waste - Solid, Water, Gas
- 5 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redcycle & Rot
Grade 5 & 6
- Classifying Waste
- 6 R’s Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redcycle & Rot
- E-Waste and Fast Fashion

SESSION 2 - Organic Waste and Composting

Prep - 2
- Food Waste and Composting
- Worm farms
Grade 3 & 4
- Organic Waste and Composting
- Layers and organisms within compost
Grade 5 & 6
- Food Waste and its Effects on the Environment
- Carbon Emissions and Pollution

SESSION 3 - The Effect Waste Has on Our Planet

Prep - 2
- Where does rubbish end up and what can it harm?
- Marine Life
- Not so fantastic plastic
Grade 3 & 4
- Waste in our oceans
- Impact on marine life
Grade 5 & 6
- Micro Beads and Micro Plastics
- Protecting our oceans

Our program is topical but with practical steps to excite and encourage young children who are already enthusiastic about bringing change.

The Eco Avengers program can be customised to your school’s needs.

Contact us today to benefit from bonuses when you book all three sessions for your school.


There is a lot more to looking after the environment than just putting your rubbish in the bin.
Be introduced to Avenger Alex and his Eco Avenger friends and let them lead your students to exciting ways to deal with waste.
The Eco Avengers program is designed to not only educate students, but provide them with take-home activities to nurture their innate curiosity and passion for the environment. The home activities focus on engaging the topic of sustainability with their families.
We take the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle slogan and build on it with Refuse, REDcycle and Rot to ensure a balanced, thorough approach to waste.
Each Eco Avenger's in-school presentation runs for 45 mins, with each topic building on the previous one.
Contact us today to benefit from bonuses when you book all three sessions for your school.


Eco Avengers are our future.
Book an Eco Avenger Presentation for your school and create a world that will continue to provide life for all creatures.

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